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Would You Like a Home Visit with a Local Audiologist?

You might be looking for home visits for hearing aids, a hearing test at home,  or perhaps wondering whether you can fit your hearing aids at home with your local audiologist.  

We cover the whole of the UK and we have at least 2 or 3 hearing aid audiologists in your area, so we can cater for all your hearing healthcare and hearing aid services in the comfort of your own home and completely free.


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Hearing Healthcare At Home UK

Audiologist Home Visits Locally

Including home hearing tests & hearing aid home visits


Hearing Aid UK Home Visits

You might be researching hearing aids for the first time, already wearing digital hearing aids or perhaps your current audiologist doesn't offer hearing healthcare at home and you want to upgrade.  Whatever your situation and wherever you are on your hearing loss journey - we offer a full hearing healthcare home visiting service for free.

This page is designed to give you some basic information on what we, at Hearing Aid UK, provide locally to you.  We cover the whole of the UK, so we will have at least two or three hearing aid audiologists in your area offering home hearing at its best.

Whether you choose to see one of our audiologists in their clinic or in the comfort of your own, at your convenience - you will always get outstanding customer service and the care your hearing deserves.


Hearing aid home visit near me information - We will be covering:


Hearing Tests Near Me

Home Visit Hearing Test

Hearing aid tests at home


All about our home visit hearing tests

Our hearing test home visits give you the freedom and convenience of a hearing test in your home by one of our professional audiologists in your area.  Here is a brief breakdown of the general process:



Hearing Aid Home Visit & Fittings


All about our hearing aids home visit service local to you

What about hearing aid fittings and programming?  We can take care of your hearing aids at home as well as any other hearing healthcare services needed - like programming, maintenance checks and follow-up appointments for the future.

Once your audiologist has advised the right digital hearing aids for you, your lifestyle, your hearing loss and the technology and connectivity you require - you will be fitted with your new hearing aids and they will be programmed to your specific hearing needs.  Here is the general process:


Hearing Healthcare Near Me UK

Hearing Aids UK Home Visits


Audiologist Home Visit Near Me

Why are hearing home visits so popular?  There are six main advantages of having hearing tests in the home and other home visits services, these are:

  • Your hearing aids home visit assessment and tuning will be done in the most realistic environment possible.
  • You will get instant help getting to know and connecting to your Bluetooth hearing aid devices and you will also learn how to clean and maintain your hearing aids so they stay in optimum shape and performance.
  • You get a more personal relationship with your audiologist and feel more at ease in future hearing healthcare appointments.
  • Hearing healthcare at home is simply much more convenient - especially if there are mobility and logistic hurdles.
  • It's a free service and you pay the same price for your hearing aids for a more bespoke service.

Hearing Tests In Care Homes

Audiologists Home Visits in Care Homes

Hearing Aids for the Elderly at Home 


Hearing Test Home Visit & Hearing Aid Service at Home Process

All our hearing healthcare home visiting services for the elderly are generally carried out the same way as any other.  The only addition is that you might want a member of your family or a friend to be there for support.  We find this to be quite useful when relaying personal information, taking in audiology information or making future decisions. 

If you do live in assisted living accommodation or a care home and want to book a hearing test or another hearing healthcare service - you will need to let the management of the facility be aware of the visit beforehand.  Other than that it is the same process as any other home hearing service carried out at home or in clinic.

Who Does Hearing Tests At Home

 Home Visiting Audiologists


Helping you to find a home visit audiologist in your area

So, who does audiology home visits near you?  Here is the breakdown of what services some hearing aid providers do on your highstreet:

Boots Hearingcare Only provides in-store appointments and does not offer home visits or hearing tests at home.

Specsavers Hearing:  We don't know whether they can provide maintenance or adjustments when needed, but we do know that a home visit will cost you around £100.

Bloom Hearing Do a home visiting service at no extra charge, but ensure you check your area is included, as some might not be covered.

Amplifon:  Do a home visiting service for an additional £30.

Scrivens:  Don't provide a home visiting service currently.

Home Hearing Tests & Costs

Home Hearing Tests and Costs of Aids

What is included in our prices?


Our promise to all our customers and patients - Total transparency on prices, service & aftercare


Hearing Test At Home Near Me

Find local audiologists & hear what's important to you


Need more support about a home visit for hearing aids and a hearing test at home?

If you are searching for "hearing aids near me" or simply just want to check your hearing - we can support your hearing loss needs locally.  We can see you either in your own home or in one of our clinics at whatever time is best for you. 

Please call us free on 0800 567 7621 to find out more and arrange to book your hearing healthcare at home.


Read more in-depth information about home audiology services

This information was written by Paul Harrison - Audiology Expert

Meet Paul Harrison, Audiology Expert & Founder of Hearing Aid UK

Managing Director & founder of Hearing Aid UK, with over 20 years of audiology experience and a member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists Council (BSHAA) between 2015-2020.

Your Local Audiologist Will Be Fully Qualified & Registered


HCPC  Hearing aid dispensers are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council that protects the public. They keep a register of health and care professionals who meet their standards for their training, professional skills, behaviour and health.

BSHAA  This is the professional body that represents and promotes the interests of the independent hearing aid profession across the UK. Members are highly trained hearing care professionals who have extensive and unrivalled experience and knowledge of the hearing instruments that are available to help with hearing loss.

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