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Unique 220 Passion / Fusion / ITE Hearing Aids & Reviews

Price for one, £1095 | Price for a pair, £1995

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  • Full hearing test and examination by registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Fitting and programming of hearing aid(s)
  • Fine tuning and all aftercare for the life of the hearing aid(s)
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March 2016 update – The Widex Unique range has now been fully reviewed. Please scroll down to “Widex Unique – Reviews by audiologists”  for further details.

The Unique 220 is the “mid range” offering and does quite a reasonable job though with only six channels and quite a high price not much effort seems to have been made by Widex to make this aid stand out against other mid-range options. For people who prefer the softer Widex sound though this could be a great option for those who don’t want to stretch to the top model, the Unique 440.

Main features

Channels and Processing chip

The Unique 220 has the same processing strategy, called “Sound Class Technology”, as the higher up models. Whilst it’s Universal program can only differentiate between three different environments, it is still quite effective at working out at least whether it should be reducing background noise or not and whether it should be focusing your hearing in a forward direction. Due to the speed of the new U-Platform processing chip it can change between these environments quite seamlessly.

Background noise reduction

The 220 has enough background noise reduction to make it quite effective at shielding you from unwanted sounds. Background noise that may distract you from speech in up to moderately noisy environments can be suppressed.

Extended hearing range

The same soft sound amplification feature as the better Unique models is also in the 220. Sounds as quiet as 5dB (decibels) are picked up, but only really speech. The “soft sound reducer” feature sees to that to make sure that the annoying low level sounds are not amplified as that would be counter-productive.

Wireless / Bluetooth / Zen

CALL-DEX, COM-DEX, UNI-DEX, TV-DEX. Everywhere a DEX DEX. Widex have a great range of accessories all ending in DEX so that you know they are from Widex. Wireless streaming with Bluetooth is what they are all about. If you have a smartphone there are app’s to download as well including one that enhances the functionality of the Zen tinnitus masking program.

Sizes and shapes

With six models and 14 colours there is a Unique for everybody. There are 51 variations in all but some are a lot more popular than others. If you want your Unique to be unique, the bright pink may be the one for you.


Widex Unique – reviews by audiologists

“Hold on, why are these reviews by audiologists rather than customers” I hear you say. Click here for an explanation of our reviewing policy.

The Widex Unique hearing aids were launched in October 2015. A great many of these aids have now been fitted by our audiologists, so they are in a good position to assess how they are performing so far. As part of our new reviewing strategy we have polled our entire network of independent audiologists to find out what they thought.

We have collated the opinions of independent audiologists with no affiliation to any particular manufacturer. These audiologists dispense a wide variety of different hearing aids every day so they are in the best position to judge how the Widex Unique performs.

The audiologists were asked to rate on a scale one to five stars, each of the four Unique models, the 440, 330, 220 and 110. Comparing them not to each other, but to the expectations one should have about each particular aid when judged against other hearing aids in the market. They were also invited to write their opinions which we have included below. Where an audiologist has mentioned other hearing aids by another manufacturer, we have blanked out that information. This is simply because we wanted a balanced review discussing the merits of Widex Unique rather than a forum for promoting one product over another.

Star ratings

The Widex Unique 440 and Unique 220 both achieved a three star rating.

The Unique 330 was rated two stars.

The Unique 110, one star.


Overall, to summarise the reviews below, we were disappointed to find that the Widex Unique range did not perform as well as we would have expected. The customer satisfaction ratings provided to the media by Widex do not seem to match the experience of audiologists “on the ground” so to speak. Main issues highlighted seem to be reliability and feedback (hearing aid whistling) problems.


Audiologists reviews

Ref. the Widex Unique.
First client fitted – he struggled to hear in background noise and couldn’t hear TV well. He opted to return them to Widex and purchase different aids.
Then we tried another client that was looking to upgrade, tried her with Widex Unique Fusion 440, she also struggled in background, we then switched her to {different aids} within the 60 days and she seems much happier with the new ones.
We do have clients happily using the Unique, but we find it helps if they have the small remote to change program and volume settings, even on the Unique 440. Whereas with the {different hearing aid} we find there is less need for clients to use a remote as the automatic features are so good. The Widex so called automatic features in my mind are just not as comprehensive.
I also think that it’s about time they improved the look somewhat. Although the passion is a great little RIC, just with limited power levels. Also we would always avoid a Widex custom made, as they are never as neat as other manufacturers.
On the plus side, the music program is very good and the accessories are nice and neat, no need for wires and neck loops.
Overall most clients are happy. Widex do still have that ‘softer gentle’ sound and people love the small remote. When we fit Widex we tend to fit the 440 as there are far better mid-range aids for the price of the 330/220 from other manufacturers.
Source – Audiologist in the South East.
Sorry didn’t reply earlier, I’m in Spain.
I’ve fitted 5 Unique 440’s with no returns. I’m really impressed with the wireless CIC’s very small and great to be able to use the ComDex. The RC Dex is also small and useful. Plus Zen tones for tinnitus clients is great to have in such a small aid.
Although I’m normally a {different manufacturer} fan I’ve since ordered 2 more pairs of Unique 440 CIC’s , the Compass software is easy to use and the programming options are useful. I hope this is helpful.
Source – Audiologist in the North West.
From our perspective widex are over-engineered and expensive to maintain and repair, often breaking down, domes coming off in people’s ears and with stupid kevlar receivers that are very uncomfortable to wear, other receivers that are sold in two parts etc.
Source – Audiologist in Yorkshire.
I have had no luck with the Widex aids.
The last 2 pairs, top of the range, were returned. I will avoid doing them unless I have to.
Source – Audiologist in East Anglia
My view of widex aids is great sound but prone to feedback issues.
Source – Audiologist in Derbyshire
Some general feedback about Widex;
Their feedback technology is poor. This prevents me fitting RICs to ski-slope losses. They are also expensive for what they are. I think other aids provide better value for money.
Source – Audiologist in Leicestershire
Only tried one pair of these and they were returned as client reported they could hear better with their old hearing aids.
Source – Audiologist on the South coast
I have found the Widex to be an inferior product with the Unique 440 range not hitting the standards of other top of the range hearing instruments.
Reliability has been an issue with them with the only pair of Unique 330 I ordered having a broken amplifier on delivery to me.
They have also changed their domes without maintaining a stock of the old domes for those existing clients wishing to purchase them. This has led to customer dissatisfaction issues. I was also not afforded the chance to purchase a stock of domes to allow me to service my own customers. The new domes are a latex construction and those who suffer with allergic reactions to latex have not been considered.
Source – Audiologist in Lincolnshire
Unique 440 Passion – good, but expensive for parts ongoing.
Unique 440 ITE was faulty to begin with (cutting out) but performance seems good upgrade from old Widex.
Source – Audiologist in London
I’ve fitted Unique 110 220 & 440. All clients are very happy and they perform better than Dream as would be expected.
Source – Audiologist in North Wales
I have tried to fit 4 pairs of 440 Widex aids without success. The Widex Unique RICS still have problems with feedback at anything more than a mild loss so the feedback manager cuts off the high frequency response reducing clarity.
The customers I have seen that have tried them have found no significant or any benefit over their old Widex aids. The Widex Unique 440 CICs with a remote control that I tried to fit were much bigger than the old Dream, Clear and Mind range due to the wireless transmitter.
The CIC aids stuck out into the concha. Widex said they couldn’t make them smaller due to the shielding needed for the other components from the larger wireless transmitter.
Overall I would not recommend them for anyone. I would only fit them if they insist and they have used Widex before and even then I would not have much hope of a big improvement.
Source – Audiologist in South East


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