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Super 440 Hearing Aids & Reviews

What’s included in our price?

  • Full hearing test and examination by registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Fitting and programming of hearing aid(s)
  • Fine tuning and all aftercare for the life of the hearing aid(s)
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 60 day full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied
  • VAT Inclusive

General Features


Previously, if you needed a super power hearing aid, you were limited in the style you could choose as the casing needed to be much larger to accommodate the necessary technology. In 2013, Widex have given users another option with the introduction of the Super range. These hearing aids still provide a 143 dB output and an 87dB maximum gain but in a sleek RITE (Receiver In The Ear) or RIC (Receiver In Canal) model. Despite the smaller housing, the Widex Super can also reduce wind noise by up to 18dB and offer a long battery life.


The Widex Super has two levels of technology, a high-end model and a basic model so you have a choice when it comes to features, channels and, indeed, price. The Super 440 is the high-end model.


These hearing aids are designed for people with a severe to profound hearing loss and often, it is these people who need to wear their hearing aids the most. For this reason, Widex have made this model highly weather proof so they can continue to be worn in any conditions.


The Super 440 offers 15 channel sound processing which allows these hearing aids to be more specifically programmed for your individual hearing needs. It also has 5 programmes which can be set for the different environments you are in the most often.

The Widex Super also has some new features including Audibility Extender and Output extender which manage both the high frequencies and the bass sounds below 1 kHz. There is also Zen which helps to ease tinnitus symptoms and Classic programme which helps with acclimatisation over time. Both Zen and Classic programme are only available on the 440 model.

TruSound Softener is designed to ‘soften’ sudden loud noises, maintaining listening comfort and Feedback Cancelling will minimise any whistling noises. The Speech Enhancer SII can focus on a dominant voice in a crowd and make it clearer while minimising the background noise. This works with the Noise Reduction feature which further eliminates this.

Another feature only available on the 440 model is Digital Pinna. This feature means your hearing aids will simulate the natural acoustics of your ear to ensure you always receive a clear and natural sound.

As if all these features, extra power and a stylish design were not enough, the Super 440 is also compatible with the DEX range of wireless accessories. The Phone-DEX is a landline device designed to help you enjoy normal phone conversation, as does the M-DEX which allows connection to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. This accessory can also be used as a remote control for the hearing aids.

The TV-DEX is an accessory designed to help you enjoy watching television by sending the sound directly to the hearing aids without echoes or delays. It also has a ‘Room Off’ option which allows you to temporarily turn off the microphones so you can hear the TV without any background noise.

The RC-DEX is a small, discreet remote control which can be easily attached to your key ring. It allows you to control essential features such as volume control and programme selection.

The Verdict

The Super 440 is the top level of technology in this new super powered RITE/RIC range from Widex. It offers a wide range of both key and new features and has wireless compatibility along with a long battery life. It has a sleek design with a choice of colours and is also weatherproof. If you are interested in this type of technology but would prefer a lower cost option then you may want to try the Widex Super 220. It is a more basic version of this hearing aid with the same power and design but fewer features.


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