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Tempus 500 / Vista T 510 Hearing Aids & Reviews

Price for one, £595 | Price for a pair, £1095

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Important note regarding hearing aid names

Some companies supply a slightly more basic version of this hearing aid and market it as the “Vista T 510”. The hearing aid is still made by Unitron and is almost identical to the Tempus 500.

You will also see other names associated with Unitron prodcts, such as “Moxi, Now, Fit, All, Dura, Kiss, Stride, Insera. These are all essentially different “shapes” of this hearing aid. For example, the Unitron Tempus Pro Moxi sits over the ear, whereas the Unitron Tempus Pro Insera fits entirely into the ear and is hidden down the ear canal. Feel free to ask us for a more detailed explanation.

Unitron Tempus 500

The Unitron Tempus 500 is the entry level hearing aid in the Tempus range. As it is the entry level model it features the most reduced feature list and is the least technologically advanced of all of the hearing aids in the Tempus range. However along with the reduced features you will also find that the Tempus 500 is the cheapest of the Tempus hearing aids.

The Unitron Tempus range also features the premium Unitron Tempus Pro, the Unitron Tempus 800, the Unitron Tempus 700 and the Unitron Tempus 600.

To find out more detailed information about the features available in the Unitron Tempus range we recommend that you take a look at our Unitron Tempus Pro page, however you must remember to bear in mind that there are a number of feature and technology differences between the Tempus Pro and the Tempus 500, which we will detail further below.

Who Would We Recommend The Unitron Tempus 500 Hearing Aid For?

If you are looking for an affordable hearing aid that will function well in quiet environments, then the Unitron Tempus 500 could be a good choice for you. However if you spend any time in louder or more challenging environments then we would really recommend that you look at one of the more advanced Unitron Tempus models.

The Tempus 500 actually functions really quite well for one-to-one conversations that are held in quiet environments, and it’s rechargeable capabilities could make it a good option for some people. In fact it’s performance for conversations in quiet equals that of the premium Tempus Pro.

Feature Differences Between The Unitron Tempus Pro And The Unitron Tempus 500

To find out more about the features that are present in the Unitron Tempus 500, please see our Unitron Tempus Pro page, however bear in mind the below vital differences:

6 Fitting Channels

Due to the Tempus 500 only really being designed for use in quiet and uncomplicated listening situations, it is only able to detect and process up to six different sounds at once. This is in comparison to the Unitron Tempus Pro and Tempus 800 which have 20 fitting channels, the Tempus 700 which has 16 channels and the Tempus 600 which has 10 channels.


One of the main selling points of the Tempus platform is the development of the SoundCore technology, an essential part of this being the SoundNav feature. However SoundNav is absent in the Tempus 500, replaced by AutoMic. This is a much older piece of technology that automatically switches the microphones to improve performance when levels of background noise increase.

Spatial Awareness

This feature is not available in the Tempus 500, which means that detecting where sounds are coming from could be very difficult.


This is another feature which isn’t present in the Tempus 500, and as a result there is further reduced directionality detection and corresponding speech clarity.

Contact our friendly team of professional audiologists today for more information about the Unitron Tempus 500, or any of the other hearing aids in the Tempus range. We can arrange for your fast and free hearing test and also talk you through all of your hearing options.

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