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Binax 5 Pure/Ace/Carat/Insio Hearing Aids & Reviews

Price for one, £1195 | Price for a pair, £2295


What’s included in our price?

  • Full hearing test and examination by registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Fitting and programming of hearing aid(s)
  • Fine tuning and all aftercare for the life of the hearing aid(s)
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 60 day full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied
  • VAT Inclusive

Update – The Binax range now includes the IIC or “invisible in the canal” shape and the CIC or “completely in the canal” shape. The name of the new model is the Insio. This adds to the full range of RIC “Reciever in canal” aids already available. If you are thinking of buying a Binax then be sure to read right to the bottom of the page as there is some important information you will want to read.

General Features

The Siemens Binax 5 is the mid level hearing aid in the binax range which includes the Pure, Ace and Carat models. These are Receiver In The Ear (RIC) hearing aids, the case containing the sound processor is smaller than Behind The Ear hearing aids and the sound receiver is in the ear canal.

The binax 5 is suitable for mild to profound hearing loss.  The casing is moisture resistant and available in a range of colours. There are also options for a T-Coil or audio shoe.

The Pure and the Carat are slightly larger models and are fully rechargeable. They contain BestSound technology which simulates the effect of natural hearing by combining the sound from both hearing aids to give a binaural hearing effect.

Features include binaxFocus which allows the wearer to focus on sound from a specific area by redirecting the microphones to narrow the beam of sound. They can help you to focus on speech sound in crowded places and use frequency compression to give you a wide range of sound.

With binaxSound, the directional microphones, along with the e2e wireless capability, allows the microphones to transmit sound from one hearing aid to the other. They are able to detect a better quality sound in one hearing aid and send it to both hearing aids at the same time, using High Definition Sound Resolution and dramatically improving your hearing in challenging situations.

binaxGuide gives the wearer control over their hearing, allowing them to choose the area that the microphones focus on, whether it’s an area to the front, all around them or to one side.

The smallest fitting, the binax Ace, has fewer features than the Pure and Carat

The mid sized Pure and larger sized carat models benefit from the following programs:

32 channels

The more channels a hearing aid has, the better the sound quality.  With more channels dedicated to each sound frequency, these hearing aids can be finely tuned to help compensate for your level of hearing loss.

High definition sound resolution

With e2e Wireless capability, each hearing aid will collect sound and share it with the hearing aid on the other side. This creates a virtual 8 microphone network giving you a better binaural listening experience with high definition sound quality

Narrow directionality

The directional microphones can focus on a narrow area, making it easier to hear someone speaking in a noisy room.

Speech focus

SpeechFocus recognises speech sounds and directs the microphones towards it.

Spatial configurator

As well as working automatically, in response to your environment, this program can be controlled manually allowing you to adjust the span and direction of the microphones using the remote control. This allows you to adjust your hearing aids so you can hear the sounds you want to.

Frequency compression

This program compresses and alters the frequency of certain sounds to bring them within your hearing range. It can do this without distorting other sounds.

Feedback cancellation

This program detects the sound of feedback whenever something gets close to your hearing aid, and removes it before you know it is there

Directional speech enhancement

This gives the wearer the ability to focus on speech from a certain direction, ideal when in the car or when you cannot look at the speaker.

Sound smoothing

This program smoothes and softens sudden loud sounds which can be uncomfortable or painful for hearing aid wearers

Speech and noise management

This program helps to improve and clarify speech sounds whilst reducing background noise.

Remote control

These hearing aids are compatible with the easyTex remote control as well as an app, which allows you to control your hearing aids via your Smartphone. You can fine tune your volume, bass and treble for best sound quality as well as change the program settings. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

The easyTex remote control is also a sound streamer which can stream the sound from your Bluetooth devices directly to your hearing aids.


This program helps to reduce the effect of wind when you are outside.


This program records your hearing aid usage and settings so it can be even more finely tuned to your needs.

Tinnitus noiser

The tinnitus program helps to distract from the ringing and whistling of tinnitus by producing a range of low level sounds, helping the mind to focus on external sounds.


The smaller and more discrete Ace model also comes with 32 channels. It still has great sound quality and comes with the following programs.

Speech focus, Frequency compression, Feedback cancellation, Speech enhancement, sound smoothing and speech and noise management. You can alter the settings using the Touch control app.

When considering where to buy your hearing aid, choosing an audiologist can be as important as the choice of hearing aid itself. Which? magazine generously gave us permission to display the information below (click here for the full article) The ratings speak for themselves and customers rank independent audiologists like ourselves significantly ahead of the big national companies.

which report2

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