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LiNX² 7 Hearing Aids & Reviews

Price for one, £1395 | Price for a pair, £1995
Now comes with full 5 year warranty included.

What’s included in our price?

  • Full hearing test and examination by registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Fitting and programming of hearing aid(s)
  • Fine tuning and all aftercare for the life of the hearing aid(s)
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 60 day full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied
  • VAT Inclusive

July 2016 update – The Resound LiNX² range has now been fully reviewed. Please scroll down to “Resound LiNX² – reviews by audiologists”  for further details.

General Features

The new LiNX² 7 is the new and improved iteration of the worlds first Made for iPhone hearing aid, the Linx 9.

The LiNX² 7 is one of the new hearing aids from GN ReSound, hailed as the world’s smartest hearing aid range and the newest iteration in their products that have been made just for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod. Like the LiNX² 9, it contains the new SmartRange dual core platform. This contains one processor for sound and another for wireless Bluetooth capability. Due to the design of this processor, it provides powerful output as well as long battery life.

Apple’s technology allows these hearing aids to be used as wireless headphones, and can stream sound wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad and iPod without the need for any other hardware. Not only can you listen to phone calls and music completely hands free, but you can switch from audio streaming back to normal listening mode with a touch of your Apple device.

This is possible with the Smart App, which not only turns your iPhone, iPod or iPad into a remote control for your hearing aids, allowing you to change the volume and programmes easily and discretely, but also gives you access to thousands of apps for music, video, fitness and many more. With new apps for Apple devices being developed all the time, for work and leisure, the future possibilities are huge.

Your Apple device can also be used as a remote microphone, to pick up the voice of one person speaking and stream it directly to you, ideal for noisy places or lectures. This can also be used for watching TV. The smart app can help you to manage your hearing aid care, giving cleaning and maintenance advice, a user guide as well as battery level information so you can ensure you know when the batteries will need replacing.

Because it has one processor dedicated entirely to sound processing it contains more channels, so it can produce more sound frequencies to compensate for the users level of hearing loss. The LiNX² 7 is powerful enough to help those with a severe hearing loss. The frequency compression program compresses high frequencies which are most commonly lost, and processes them into a lower frequency range which the user can hear. This provides the user with greater speech clarity and a better hearing range. It also contains powerful programmes to reduce background noise and wind sound.

Using Binaural Fusion technology and its 2.4 GHz wireless capability, your hearing aids can communicate with each other and work together to synchronise volume and programme settings. Using Synchronised SoftSwitching the hearing aids can tell when you have moved from a quiet environment to a noisy one and will automatically make changes to the background noise volume to make speech clearer

Other options include a Comfort Phone setting where the hearing aid on your ‘telephone side’ will use a specialized phone setting whilst the other hearing aid will automatically lower it’s volume so that you are not distracted from your conversation or find it difficult to hear because of background noise in the room.

The Environmental Optimiser assesses the environment and makes subtle adjustments to the sound levels to give you the optimum listening experience, it will also take into account any adjustments you make yourself and change its program accordingly.

Feedback from hearing aids is a common complaint, a special feedback program removes the feedback sound before you can hear it. This feature can sometimes distort the sound of music as it confuses some music notes with feedback, however with ReSound’s Music Mode the hearing aids are programmed to distinguish the two sounds giving you full music clarity without feedback noise.

The Smart App also lets you save your ideal hearing aid settings when you are at your favourite locations. Once your hearing aids are on the ideal settings, Geo Tag your location using the Smart App. The app will automatically set your hearing aids to the same program the next time you visit that location. You can also use the geo tag facility to locate your hearing aids if they get lost. There are also 3 flexible programmes that you can choose from to suit your lifestyle and listening environment.

The LiNX² 7 is a receiver in the ear hearing aid. It sits behind the ear with a small tube going to the front of the ear with a small bud on the end. With its sleek and small design this hearing aid is very discrete, almost disappearing behind the ear. With 10 colours to choose from you can either blend it in or show it off. The special coating makes it dust, oil and waterproof so it is suitable for use in many different environments.

This is the middle range model in the LiNX² series. You may also want to consider the LiNX2 9 or the LiNX2 5


Resound LiNX² – reviews by audiologists

“Hold on, why are these reviews by audiologists rather than customers” I hear you say. Click here for an explanation of our reviewing policy.

Over the last year the Resound Linx2 hearing aids have been the most asked about hearing product we list. Popular amongst audiologists and customers alike and winner of multiple awards, a great many Linx2 hearing aids have now been fitted, but how good are they really? One year on from when they were launched, we asked our audiologists to rate their experiences with these hearing aids so that future customers can better judge whether or not the Linx2 hearing aids are the right ones for them.

As part of our new reviewing strategy we have polled our entire network of independent audiologists to find out what they thought.

We have obtained reviews from our network of independent audiologists with no affiliation to any manufacturer. These audiologists dispense a wide variety of different hearing aids every day so they are in the best position to judge how the Resound Linx2 performs.

The audiologists were asked to rate on a scale one to five stars, each of the Linx2 models, the Linx2 9, Linx2 7 and the Linx2 5. Also some gave their opinions on the superpower version (the Enzo) and the budget version (the Enya). The hearing aids have been compared not to each other, but to the expectations one should have about each particular aid when judged against other hearing aids in the market. They were also invited to write their opinions which we have included below. Where an audiologist has mentioned other hearing aids by another manufacturer, we have blanked out that information. This is simply because we wanted a balanced review discussing the merits of these hearing aids rather than a forum for promoting one product over another.

Star ratings

The Resound Linx2 9 achieved a five star rating.

The Linx2 7 was rated four stars.

The Linx2 5 was rated three stars.

The Enya 4 and 2, two stars.

The Enya 3, one star.


The general consensus is that the Linx2 hearing aids by Resound are very good aids providing great performance, especially in noise. However several people mentioned that Resound’s “budget” version of the aids, the Enya performs far less well. Also noted is that music sometimes sounds tinny when streamed from a device.


Audiologists reviews

Great results with all Linx2 9’s fitted. I’d rate them six out of five!
Linx is the the must have aid for the tech savy silver surfer. Good sound quality + excellent conectivity.
Top notch aid that shows the others up. However some more elderly or less active people might not have much use for the smartphone stuff, streaming etc.
Source – Audiologist in Yorkshire.

The massive flexibility demonstrated by the Resound devices in their ability to connect to the Apple iPhone and other smart phones without the need for wearing a dongle would in my opinion make them come out top.
Source – Audiologist in Scotland.

ReSound Linx2 – I have fitted approximately 100 ReSound Linx2 now and have found them to be excellent in all aspects from a dispensing point of view. I am often surprised at the level of amplification in the high frequencies that can be achieved with no risk of feedback. Clients report a natural clear sound and they love the ability to control some of the features with their smartphones.
I judge a clients suitability for Linx2 carefully as it is important that the client has good cognitive ability. The increased spacial awareness these aids provide can overwhelm those with reduced cognitive function. It also helps if the client has some interest in technology.
In summary I would wholeheartedly recommend ReSound Linx2 for demanding clients looking for a high tech solution to their hearing difficulties.
Regarding Enyas, I have fitted a few but not enough to be 100% objective on them. My opinion is that the sound quality is as good as other Resound products but the exterior casing of the RICs is less good.
Source – Audiologist in Dorset.

The linx is overrated in my opinion – clever with it’s connectivity to iphones, but there are better hearing aids. I sometimes get interference whilst the hearing aids are in streaming mode.
Source – Audiologist in Yorkshire.

I was put off by 2 poor fittings on mild to moderate losses where feedback caused problems. This greatly surprised me as i was a great advocate of previous Resound products, particularly the Alera 761.
Source – Audiologist in Scotland.

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, we have been in Oslo with {diferent hearing aid manufacturer}
We have fitted many Linx2, all models through the range, IIC to RIC.
The Linx2 is great for those who are perhaps a little younger and tech savvy and for those who like to be in control. The app is excellent and easy to use. Resound seem to have ironed out the connectivity issues, but streaming is sometimes ‘tinny’ with music, so if music is important, I would not recommend.
I am waiting to see how the new {different hearing aid} model performs in comparison.
Source – Audiologist in Chichester.

Linx2 9 –  Having fitted many of these the response I’ve had has been positive. The clients have reported significant benefit with speech in noise and feedback management is great. They have been the choice for some clients over other products they have tried. The only slight letdown is the music streaming feature where some clients have complained that it sounds metallic and tinny
Enzo 7 Superpower – Fitted a pair of these to a profoundly deaf lady recently who loves them. Made a massive difference to her hearing and completely changed her life. The only drawback is the size of them, they are quite big and not the nicest looking bte’s available but technology wise, brilliant.
Enya 3- Fitted several and they all have been returned. Awful aid, poor in terms of helping people hear speech clearly and quite ugly looking for a RIC. One client even suggested it was the worst she had tried! I swapped her to a {different hearing aid] which was less expensive and much more successful. Cant even justify giving it 1 star.
Source – Audiologist in Yorkshire.

The Resound Linx 2 9 is the best 2015 hearing aid on the market. It has the best connectivity with the iphone or Samsung direct to phone app and the best sound quality of any 2015 hearing aid in background noise available. The app gives amazing user control over the sound and functions of the hearing aid and the music streaming and phone calls through the hearing aids is very good.
I like the attractive design of the RICs and the excellent DFS feedback system which gives great power without whistling. Disadvantages are the receiver wires which are quite springy and occasionally don’t fit well. The ITEs also have the same specs and connectivity in the canal sizes and above. The smallest CIC / IIC aids don’t have any user control though. The 9s and 7s are best in class for top and 2nd level technology. Cancellation rates are very low, very few clients don’t get on with them.
Source – Audiologist in Sussex.

As you know, we really like the Resond aids. We find the Linx2 5 is suitable for those with limited hearing requirements and the Linx2 7 and 9 can cope with many more varied listening environments.
We are currently working with a 90% success rate and this is due mainly to excellent noise reduction / speech enhancement and spacial awareness like we have never experienced before.
This, combined with the Apple product pairing and the easy to use App gives us complete confidence in fitting this product.
Source – Audiologist in the Wiltshire.
The Linx2 9 is ideal for apple users as linking up needs no other gizmos.
Sound quality and customer satisfaction has been good.
Downside is that battery life is poor for the smallest aids that use a size 10 battery, worst case about 3 days.
An aid for Apple lovers.
Source – Audiologist in the Essex.
The resound linx 2 has been on the whole extremely positive. I have fitted over a hundred pairs with 95% success rate. It is powerful and has a more versatile fitting range than the {other manufacturer} and {different hearing aids} in comparison. They have an effective feedback system, probably one of the better ones I have found. The built quality is good and I have only been let down by malfunctioning aids on a handful of occasions. The app flexibility and control is the clear distinction between this and other manufacturers. Patients are generally delighted with the performance.
Source – Audiologist in London.

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