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Resound Linx 3D Hearing Aids

The Linx 3D is the latest and most technologically sophisticated range of hearing aids from Resound. There are 3 models in the range; the Linx 3D 9, the Linx 3D 7 and the Linx 3D 5. Unlike many other hearing aid ranges from other manufacturers, the different models here don’t really represent premium, mid-range and basic, they are more like 3 different types of top range model, although at a push the Linx 3D 5 could be called mid-range. So if you are looking for a basic hearing aid (with associated lower price bracket) then you would be better looking at the Resound Enya range.

Before we get on to looking at the Linx 3D’s features etc, there is one development that we’re really excited to report. That is, although you will be able to buy a Resound Linx 3D hearing aid from both independent companies (such as ourselves) and from some of big national chains, it is only by buying from independent retailers that you will be able to get the complete version of the Linx 3D, with all of the available features. If you buy from a big national chain retailer then you will get a Linx 3D hearing aid, but without the Teleaudiometry feature (we will go into more detail about this below) meaning that you are likely to be paying more for a less advanced product.

So what’s so special about the Linx 3D range of hearing aids?

  • The Linx 3D 9 is up to 50% better than other premium hearing aids at identifying if you are in a noisy environment and adjusting its settings to compensate.
  • Whilst in noisy environments the Linx 3D range of hearing aids allows you to concentrate on your conversation whilst still allowing you to hear up to 80% more of what’s going on in the background – for example if someone is trying to get your attention. Many other hearing aids will cut down background noise so much that you are then limited to only hearing one part of the sonic landscape and missing everything else.
  • Up to 40% more effective directional sound detection. This means that even in noisy environments you can still tell where sounds are coming from.
  • Teleaudiometry – this is the feature that is only available if you buy your Linx 3D hearing aid from an independant retailer, such as This clever feature allows you to communicate directly with your audiologist via the Resound Smart 3D iPhone app and even better allows your audiologist to make fine tuning adjustments of your hearing aid directly via the internet, without you having to visit their office. This can be especially useful during the fine tuning stage of your hearing aid set-up.

Different hearing aid types in the Linx 3D range

Before we get started let’s clear up a common hearing aid myth – different hearing aid types/styles within the Linx 3D range (and many other hearing aid ranges) do not have different prices. So you will pay exactly the same whether you choose a Receiver In Canal (RIC), Full Shell / In The Ear (ITE), Invisible In the Canal (IIC) or any other type of hearing aid.

  • Mini Receiver In Canal (RIC) – this style of hearing aid is one of the most popular in the Linx 3D range, due to it’s extremely small and discreet size (it’s smaller than a bottle cap), comfort of wear and ability to still hold the full range of features. It is also available in a range of colours to match your hair / skin tone.
  • Invisible In the Canal (IIC) – this represents the smallest of the Linx 3D hearing aids and is hidden right down into your ear canal so that it is completely invisible to the outside world. However due to it’s small size and hidden position if you do choose this style it is not able to include the wireless and Bluetooth functionalities.
  • In The Canal (ITC) – these are slightly larger than the IIC version as they sit just at the entrance to your ear canal. However they are still very small and discreet. The real advantage to this style is that the slightly larger size allows for inclusion of the full range of features, optional push button controls and a larger size 312 battery which gives them a longer battery life.
  • Full Shell / In The Ear (ITE) – this is the largest of the custom made in-the-ear styles of hearing aid in the Linx 3D range. It is much more noticeable that then other styles, but this does allow for inclusion of the largest size 13 battery and more powerful circuits which gives the highest levels of amplification. It’s size also means that it can be a good option for users with visual impairments or dexterity issues.


There are a lot of great accessories that you can use to even further enhance the great Linx 3D experience. However you do not need these to use the Linx 3D range of hearing aids, they can just make your experience even better. These include:

  • Resound Smart 3D App – this is an iPhone app that you can use to fully control your hearing aids. Not only does it give you control over absolutely all of the features of your hearing aid, it also make controlling them incredibly discreet, and finally it saves you spending £100 or so on a separate controller. If you don’t have an iPhone there is also an app for android, however it does not feature the full functionality of the iPhone app, but still works pretty well.
  • iPhone Streaming – when connected up to your iPhone, your hearing aids will act like wireless headphones and stream whatever you are listening to on your phone (be it a conversation, music or your favourite YouTube video!). If you have an android phone, you will need to buy a separate Phone Clip+ to achieve this functionality.
  • TV Streamer – this allows you to stream the audio from your TV, computer or sound system directly into your hearing aids.
  • Micro Mic – when you attach this to someone’s clothing you will hear their voice streamed directly to you hearing aids from up to 80 feet away.
  • Multi Mic – this can be used in the same way as the Micro Mic, but can also be used as a directional microphone – simply point it at the person that you want to hear and their voice will be streamed directly to your hearing aids.

If you want to find out more about any of the range of Resound Linx 3D hearing aids, or get advice about any aspect of your hearing, contact our friendly team of expert audiologists today.

  Brand Model Rating Price  
  Resound LiNX 3D 9 £1595 Full Product Info
  Resound LiNX 3D 7 £1395 Full Product Info
  Resound LiNX 3D 5 £1195 Full Product Info

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