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Venture V30 | Audeo, Virto, Bolero, Nano, Naida Hearing Aids & Reviews

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venture range

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  • Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 60 day full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied
  • VAT Inclusive

July 2016 update – The Phonak Venture range has now been fully reviewed. Please scroll down to “Phonak Venture – reviews by audiologists”  for further details.

General Features

The Phonak Audeo V30 contains the lower level of technology in the Audeo range with 8 sound processing channels and a range of programs and features to help you to hear in different situations without breaking your budget.

Despite the lower cost, the V30 still contains Phonak’s Binaural VoiceStream TechnologyTM    which makes it possible to transmit a stronger speech sound heard in one hearing aid to the other side, giving you better speech clarity when it would otherwise be difficult to follow conversation.

The V30, like others in the range, is a Receiver In Canal (RIC) hearing aid. It has a small case which houses the sound processor, which sits behind the ear whilst the sound receiver is in the ear canal. The exterior of the case is dust proof and water repellent to ensure it stays in good working order.

It is available in a wide colour range allowing you to show it off as a bright and fun fashion accessory or let it blend in with your skin or hair colour.

There is a mix of automatic and manual programs so you can have control over your hearing settings in different environments.

These programs include:

Speech in Noise

This program changes the directional microphones to focus on the sound in front of you, making it easier to hear someone when you turn to face them. It also reduces the volume of sound behind you as the microphones are pointing the other way.

Calm Situation

This program makes small adjustments to your hearing to ensure better listening comfort in quiet environments. This is designed for better speech clarity when you are having one to one conversations.


The directional microphones are designed to pick up speech sound from all around you. This program gives the wearer control over the directional microphones, allowing them to narrow the beam of focus for their hearing to one small area. This is ideal for social occasions or situations where you want to listen to one person speaking in a crowded or noisy place.


High frequency hearing loss is common, particularly in age related hearing loss. This program is designed to reproduce the difficult to hear sounds within your hearing range. This makes voices, such as those of women and children, much easier to hear and understand.


This program allows the hearing aids to synchronise whenever you change the volume or settings on one hearing aid. This means that you don’t have to fiddle around to get them on the same setting and ensures that they are always working together to give you the best hearing clarity.


This program is designed to eliminate the annoying whistle of feedback before you even hear it. It can pick out the feedback sound from other noises around you ensuring that there is no distortion of the sounds you want to hear.


Continuous background noise, such as kitchen appliances or office equipment, can make it difficult to hear conversations. This can be particularly problematic in the workplace. Rather than amplifying all the sounds around you, this program recognises and lowers the volume of the background noise, allowing you to focus on voices and follow the conversation.

Tinnitus Balance Noise Generator

This program uses sound distraction techniques to help improve the symptoms of tinnitus or ringing in the ears. By generating various sounds it helps the mind to focus on sounds outside the ear instead of the internal ringing noise.

The V30 is compatible with Phonak’s range of accessories.

These include the Phonak ComPilot which can stream sound wirelessly to your hearing aids from multimedia devices such as your Smartphone, music player or computer. This allows you to make hands free phone calls and interact via Skype or face time as well as listen to music.

The ComPilot works with Phonak’s mini microphone, which can help you to hear a speaker in a noisy or challenging environment, such as a lecture hall. Simply give the microphone to the person you need to hear and their voice will be streamed directly to your hearing aids.  It also works with the TV Link allowing you to stream the sound from the television to your hearing aids at a volume to suit you without disturbing anyone else.


The Naida V was released 18 months after the Venture series first appeared. The Naida comes in several shapes from the smaller RIC up to the larger superpower BTE shape. It offers a number of additional benefits over the original models in the V series, the Bolero and Audeo.

– It is water resistant down to one meter depth for up to 60 minutes and has an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance. Not suitable for swimming however.
– It’s made from a glass fibre material 60% tougher than the usual hearing aid shell materials.
– The Naida’s are suitable for the whole range of hearing losses from mild to profound.

Phonak Venture – reviews by audiologists

“Hold on, why are these reviews by audiologists rather than customers” I hear you say. Click here for an explanation of our reviewing policy.

The Phonak Venture, or “V series” hearing aids were released back in January of 2015. As to why we are reviewing a hearing aid range that has been around for 18 months, the Phonak Venture aids are still highly relevant in our opinion due to the enduring popularity of the Phonak brand. In addition we are not expecting any new Phonak ranges to be out in the near future. Therefore, as part of our new reviewing strategy we have polled our entire network of independent audiologists to see what they thought.

The audiologists were asked to rate on a scale one to five stars, each of the four Venture models, the V90, V70, V50 and V30. Comparing them not to each other, but to the expectations one should have about each particular aid when judged against other hearing aids in the market.

They were also invited to write their opinions which we have included below. Where an audiologist has mentioned other hearing aids by another manufacturer, we have blanked out that information. This is simply because we wanted a balanced review discussing the merits of these particular hearing aids rather than a forum for promoting one product over another.

For each of the ranges, V90, V70, V50 and V30 there are a number of other names attached including Audeo, Virto, Bolero and Nano. These refer to the physical appearance of the aid rather than the technology inside it.

Star ratings

Phonak V90 was rated five stars

The V70 was rated four stars

The V50, two stars

The V30 one star


Our audiologists seem to generally like the Phonak Venture series though most rate the “over the ear” versions (Audeo, Bolero) more highly than the in-ear variants, the Virto and Nano. As you will read below some audiologists have a variety of minor issues with the aids but nothing at all that stands out as a persistent or irreconcilable problem.


Audiologists reviews

I’m not the best at writing reviews, hope this helps!
1. Yes, we fit Phonak Venture hearing aids and have done so since they were launched. We find them to be a high quality product that is very reliable and the sound quality is second to none.
2. We fit all Venture models depending on the customers budget and find that the V70 and V90 deliver the best results.
3. Currently we find Phonak superior to any other manufacturer and the number of hearing aids returned by customers is less than 1%, which is fantastic.
Source – Audiologist in Wales.

I have only fitted about 10 pairs of the V range. There appears to be good acceptance and clear sound. Build quality is typically good and durable. Patients could see improvement over previous Phonak aids. Have had no disappointments yet. However the {other manufacturer aids} are more powerful and have a more versatile fitting range than the Unitron/Phonak.
Source – Audiologist in London.

Plenty of Phonak V90 + V70 fitted, excellent. No returns.
Limited amount of V50 + V30 fitted, not great. None returned but lower user satisfaction and more {bleep, language} about required to achieve a reasonable fitting acceptance.
Source – Audiologist in Yorkshire.

Well generally phonak are superb, but a little tinny for some people. I prefer to use the Audeo V50 on most patients as the V90 can ‘fluctuate’ in very noisy places, perhaps making too many alterations in some environments. The back up service from Phonak is very good, but it is obvious that they are very busy.
Source – Audiologist in Yorkshire.

My experience of Phonak V products has been good. In particular the top of the range V90 RIC has been very well received. My one concern is that the feedback manager on open fits with a pronounced slope have been compromised by the ‘over zealous’ feedback manager. Yes it works very well, but at the cost of high frequency amplification. There is no semi open/tulip dome available, only open or closed. Where there is a marked low frequency then this of course need not be a problem.
Source – Audiologist in Scotland.

I’ve fitted many of the Phonak Venture hearing aids and had really good results with them.
The Audeo’s have been the most successful, I’ve fitted at least 100, mainly V90’s and I would say most customers have been happy, I’ve had very few returns.
The accessories play an important part of the fitting as most clients are really impressed when they try the phone or TV package.
The Virto V’s are not quite as successful. They tend to be big and don’t have a small enough remote unless the client purchases a Compilot. The wireless CIC’s (Nano’s) tend to be massive.
I hope this is helpful please let me know if you require any further information.
Source – Audiologist in the North West.

I have fitted V90’s and V50’s mainly. Found that the v90 was at its best when it had been released, however after 4 months they released an update which for some reason affected the sound quality negatively. Still a good aid though.
Source – Audiologist in the Midlands.

We have fitted many Phonak V90 through all the range, Nano to Audeo.
We mainly fit top range but we have had good results with the V70 and the V50, these are hearing aids that clients do not need to fiddle with, the automatic features are really good. The down side is having to wear the ComPilot for streaming, most do not like the idea, the ComPilot Air is another option and means that you do not need the neck loop, but you still have to clip it to your person and it needs to be within 12-8″ of the aids.
The Phonak V90 is a great aid, but would be better if it had the blue tooth connectivity without a ComPilot.
Source – Audiologist in the South East.

I have fitted all of the Phonak V90,70,50 and 30 RICs (Audeo’s) and they are good hearing aids. I have not fitted many of the in the ear aids apart from the Nanos which fit well but don’t have any user controls. Cosmetically the Audeo’s are very good and the fit is usually good and the volume button on the aid is useful. Hearing in noise is good but not the best and the feedback system is not great so some loss of clarity is measurable compared to other aids. Direct connectivity to phones / streaming is not available so you have to use a device worn around the neck or now the new Compilot air which sits in the shirt pocket.
Source – Audiologist in Sussex.

Phonak V90 nano, aids were made wrong, then the new ones were too big for the customer, poor customer services from Phonak, Returned for refund.
Source – Audiologist in Staffordshire.

I haven’t dispensed many of these aids, the few I have done have been OK. 1 pair V90 and 1 pair V30.
Source – Audiologist in the Essex.

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