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High street price £2000
Our Price£1395

Opn2 miniRITE / IIC / CIC Hearing Aids & Reviews

Price for one, £1395 | Price for a pair, £2695

What’s included in our price?

  • Full hearing test and examination by registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Fitting and programming of hearing aid(s)
  • Fine tuning and all aftercare for the life of the hearing aid(s)
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 60 day full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied
  • VAT Inclusive

October 2018 update – The range has been further expanded. The full range of custom in-ear form factors is now available. Please see our main article on the Oticon Opn1 for full details.

June 2017 update – The range has been expanded. There are now new rechargeable options, additional “Tinnitus SoundSupport” software as standard to help to relieve tinnitus and “power plus” models for the severe to profoundly deaf.

Oticon OPN 2

The Oticon OPN 2 is the mid-range hearing aid of the Oticon OPN range. The range also includes the OPN 1 which is the premium model and entry level OPN 3. Both the OPN 2 and the OPN 3 are based on the OPN 1 with an incremental decrease in features to reflect their price reductions. For more information on the key features of the OPN 2 please see the OPN 1 hearing aid product description bearing in mind the slight technological differences as detailed below.

The Oticon OPN range is one of the most technologically advanced hearing aid ranges on the market to date. Oticon have developed their industry leading Velox™ processing chip which works 50 times faster than any of their previous models, scanning their sound environment 100 times per second to give you 30% increase in speech understanding, 20% less listening effort in noisy environments and 20% more capacity to remember.

In our opinion the Oticon OPN 1 is one of the top hearing aids on the market today. However you may find that your environment and lifestyle does not warrant all of the advanced features of the OPN 1, and so the cheaper OPN 2 model may be perfectly suitable for your needs. Some of the key differences between the OPN 1 and the OPN 2 include:

  • Level 2 BrainHearing™ support

BrainHearing™ support is the combination of technologies featured in the OPN range that work together to reduce listing effort and provide the brain with better conditions to perform in. The OPN 2 features level 2 technologies, as compared to the OPN 1’s level 1 features. Many of the specific variations are detailed below.

  • Level 2 OpenSound Navigator™

Whereas the OPN features the Level 1 OpenSound Navigator™, the level 2 version still reduces background noise, just to a lesser level and the speed of the reduction of loud noise coming from specific directions is reduced.

  • 5db maximum noise reduction

This is a still a significant level of unwanted noise reduction; however the OPN 1 model can reduce up to 9db of distracting sound.

  • Level 2 Speech Guard™ LX

Compared to the OPN 1’s level 1 functionality, the OPN 2 produces a reduced ability to amplify of speech in noisy environments.

  • Spatial Sound™ LX

The OPN 2 only features 2 estimators to detect the direction that sound or speech is coming from, whereas the OPN features 4 estimators giving a more effective spatial sound identification.

  • 48 processing channels

The OPN 2 only features 48 separate channels for simultaneously processing different sounds, whereas the OPN 1 features an exceptional 64. However 48 processing channels is still more than many other aids on the market.

  • Transient Noise Management

This feature, which ensures that the signal is not too loud for the system or for the user, is still available in the OPN 2. However it can only be set to On/Off, whereas in the OPN 1 there are 4 different configurations.

  • YouMatic™ LX

This is the function which allows you to personalise your listening experience to your own personal preferences. In the OPN 2 there are 2 possible configurations, whereas the OPN 1 has the choice of 3.

  • Fitting bands

Another feature which allows you to fine-tune your OPN aid to your personal preferences; in the OPN 2 there are 14 different fitting band options, whereas the OPN 1 gives you the option of an extra 2, giving you 16 fitting bands.


To find out more about the entire Oticon OPN rage of hearing aids contact our friendly experts today.

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