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Dynamo SP10 Hearing Aids & Reviews

Oticon have brought out their latest superpower range, called the “Dynamo” series.

Superpower aids are only for the severely to profoundly deaf. If you’ve found this page because you are the head of a great nation or Superman then these are not the hearing aids you are looking for. Superpower in this context refers only to the amount of power the hearing aids can generate, in this case 143 dB SPL maximum output and with 82 dB full on Gain.

This particular model is the Dynamo SP10 which is the top model in the range. Hearing well in noisy social environments is always going to be a challenge for those with severe hearing loss but the SP10 has the most tools available to help you to hear what you want rather than the background noise.

What it looks like

As with all superpower aids, this one isn’t small. It does however have just a size 13 battery so it is smaller than most of its ilk. It features an analogue style volume control with the traditional 1, 2, 3 or 4 that many might be used to from their NHS hearing aid days.


Main Features


The Dynamo SP10 is a 16 channels aid, as are all of the Dynamo’s. The important part is that it has 9 fitting bands to adjust those channels.

Speech rescue

Speech rescue is part of Oticon’s “Brainhearing” strategy. It takes higher pitched consonant sounds such as “sssss” and “fff” which the severely deaf often can’t hear, even with amplification and it copies them. It then makes lower frequency sounds out of them, without distortion, putting them in a range that you can hear. This takes some adjusting to as voices will sound different but it can bring back speech understanding to people who had thought they wouldn’t clearly hear speech again.

Speech guard

Speech guard E is a compression strategy designed to keep incoming speech sounds natural, even whilst the hearing aid is actively reducing background noise.

Noise reduction

The SP10 has a number of features for managing noise. “Freefocus Premium directionality”, “Voicepriority”, “transient noise reduction”, “binaural processing” and “spatial noise reduction”

Together all of these features combine to focus on speech sounds, primarily in front of you. At the same time the aids are actively suppressing unwanted background sounds. With the SP10 being the premium aid in the range it has the full set of features and offers the best chance of hearing well in all environments.

Feedback Shield

Feedback Shield is there to stop the aids whistling. It is a version specifically adapted for the superpower range and it stops the whistling without excess gain reduction.


The whole Dynamo range is compatible with connectline telephones and are suitable for Bimodal fittings for those with cochlear implants.

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