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Alta (H310) Hearing Aids & Reviews

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  • Full hearing test and examination by registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Fitting and programming of hearing aid(s)
  • Fine tuning and all aftercare for the life of the hearing aid(s)
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 60 day full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied
  • VAT Inclusive

General Features

The Oticon Alta was launched in February 2013 and is their new premium range of hearing aids. It is available in two levels of technology with the Alta being the lower level in the range. These hearing aids are available in a range of styles including RITE (Receiver In The Ear), BTE (Behind The Ear), CIC (Completely In Canal) and ITE (In the Ear). These hearing aids are also available in a choice of colours to suit your individual taste.

The Alta comes with 10 sound processing channels which allows your hearing aid to be specifically programmed to suit your individual hearing loss.

These hearing aids are equipped with Oticon’s new Inium Platform technology which means you now get even better sound quality and faster signal processing.

Another feature in this new range is SpeechGuard E which is designed to assist with signal processing and maintaining natural speech sounds. The new YouMatic feature is programmed to your individual hearing needs. You can use this to personalise your sound preferences and adjust your features such as noise management, sound compression and microphone directionality.

The Alta also has a Feedback Shield which helps to eliminate any irritating whistling noises that may occur, maintaining a clear sound.

The Alta range of hearing aids have also been created with a barrier against any potentially harmful substances such as water or dust and the key components of the hearing aids have a nano coating to give them even more protection, helping to prolong the life of the hearing aids.

The Alta range is compatible with Oticon’s Connectline range of wireless accessories.

The Connectline Streamer will wirelessly connect you to a range of every day devices such as your TV, Mobile or landline phone. It is conveniently worn around the neck and will stream the signal directly into your hearing aids. This Streamer can also be used as a handy remote control.

With the Connectline Microphone you can now enjoy a normal one to one conversation even in more difficult listening environments. When it is used in conjunction with your Connectline Streamer, this device can send the other persons voice into your hearing aids and also filter out unwanted background noise.

With the Connectline Phone accessory, you can answer the landline telephone completely hands free thanks to the built in microphone in your Connectline Streamer. You can also stream the sound from your television directly to your hearing aids thanks to the Connectline TV.

The Verdict

The Alta is the second level of hearing aid technology currently available from Oticon. It has a wide range of features and includes their new Inium Platform technology. It is available in a range of styles and colours to suit your individual needs and taste. If you are interested in this type of technology but would like to take full advantage of the new features available from Oticon then you may want to try the Oticon Alta Pro.

Author: Jenny Harrison Google+

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