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Acriva 9 Hearing Aids & Reviews

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  • Full hearing test and examination by registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Fitting and programming of hearing aid(s)
  • Fine tuning and all aftercare for the life of the hearing aid(s)
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 60 day full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied
  • VAT Inclusive

General Features


In 2013, Bernafon launched their latest range of hearing aids known as the Acriva. This hearing aid is available at two technology levels, of which the Acriva 9 is the higher. It is available in four BTE (Behind The Ear) styles and seven custom ITE (In The Ear) models.

Like all Bernafon hearing aids, the Acriva 9 features their unique ChannelFree™ signal processing. Most manufacturers split the incoming sounds into a specific number of channels, with each channel processing a range of frequencies. In this instance, the more channels you have means the more specifically the hearing aid can be tuned. With Bernafon’s technology, the hearing aids will continuously adjust the gain as the signal is not split which is designed to give the wearer a more natural sound quality.

The Acriva 9 also features Bernafon’s new Audio Efficiency 2.0 technology. This has allowed them to introduce some excellent new features as well as improving on their key ones. This further improves the sound quality and your overall listening experience.

These features include Adaptive Feedback canceller Plus, Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus and Transient Noise reduction which are all designed to suppress the sounds you don’t want to hear such as background noise, whistling or unexpected noises. On the Acriva 9, the Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus has four control states.

The Acriva 9 also includes the new Frequency Composition feature. This will take the higher frequency sounds and compress them into a lower frequency range to increase their audibility.

Features such as the Environment Optimiser, True Directionality and Adaptive High Frequency Directionality work with your environment and the hearing aid’s microphones to ensure you receive the clearest sound possible.

There is also a Data Logging feature which will record the activity of your hearing aids. This allows your audiologist to get a clear view of how the aids are performing so they can ensure you are getting the best sound possible.

The Acriva 9 also has dedicated Cinema and Music programs that are not available on the Acriva 7.  It also has 13 listening program options to allow you to personalise the hearing aids.

These hearing aids also come with wireless compatibility. Bernafon have designed a range of accessories to allow you to connect your hearing aids to a range of everyday devices.


The SoundGate 2 is a handy streamer that allows you to pair your hearing aids to bluetooth enabled devices such as mobile phones or music players.


There is also a remote control available that lets the user control the basic functions of their hearing aids such as program or volume settings.


Many people who wear hearing aids report that they often have difficulty with watching TV as they often still have to turn the volume u to levels that may be uncomfortable for others. With Bernafon’s TV Adaptor, you can have the sound sent directly into the hearing aids so everyone can listen at a volume right for them.

Also available is the Phone Adaptor 2. This allows you to connect wirelessly to your landline phone.

The Verdict

The Acriva 9 is the top level of technology in this new range of hearing aids from Bernafon. It has a wide range of colours and styles to choose from and includes many excellent features designed to improve your hearing in any situation or environment. If you are looking for a lower cost option but with similar styles and features you may want to try the Acriva 7. It does not include all of the features available on the Acriva 9 but has the same style options and wireless capability.



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