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Starkey Livio Edge AI Hearing Aids - A New Generation of Power

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 20th January 2022 in: Hearing Aid Launches, Latest News, Articles
Starkey Livio Edge AI Hearing Aids - A New Generation of Power

Starkey Livio Edge AI Hearing Aids - A New Generation of Power

The Launch of the New Custom Rechargeable Hearing Aid

|  September 2020 Update:  Starkey have added a few new additions to their Livio Edge AI range.  To find out more or to view our Starkey Livio hearing aid review - visit the range page here

|  July 2020 Update: All the Livio AI range is now available in the Edge model. 

Launching in 2020 and adding another impressive model to the Livio Range - the Starkey Livio Edge AI was introduced to the world.  Since Starkey launched their Livio family, in 2018, it has sparked many a conversation in the audiology industry.  Bringing new hearing aid innovation to the table with artificial intelligence, 3D sensors, fall detection and brain and fitness health tracking devices.  Resulting in this hearing aid being named the 'Times Best Invention' in 2019.

This new edition - the Edge digital hearing aids - updates their existing advanced Livio technology, offers a unique quality hearing experience to consumers and the world's first rechargeable 2.4 GHz Li-ion custom hearing aid.

The Edge Mode

Sometimes when hearing aids have been correctly programmed you can still be faced with challenging situations now and then.  With Starkey Livio Edge AI Made for iPhone hearing aids, if this happens, all you need to do is touch your hearing aids and the sound changes from difficult to comfortable. 

How does it do it?  Well, once you tap your hearing aids it alerts the artificial intelligence within the Livio Edge AI and this technology then starts to scan your surroundings and makes the appropriate adjustments.  So, you get comfortable sound at exactly the right time you need it with this advanced sound processing - one you can only get with this model.

 With Starkey Livio Edge you can benefit from:


  • Clear and comfortable speech even in challenging hearing situations - with the additional suppression of unwanted noise.
  • Significant natural sound wherever you are and even when you are on the go.
  • Effortless streaming to calls, audio devices and music.  Hear your favourite music just the way you are supposed to.
  • Fast and efficient Bluetooth technology.


Livio AI Thrive Hearing Control App Update

The Thrive App gets a revamp with the addition of Starkey's Thrive Care feature.  This can be used to share your health and hearing data with people you trust.  You can share this with your audiologist to assist with adjustments or you can help a loved one feel more at ease with your shared information.  You can share information like:


  • Physical activity
  • Hearing aid usage
  • Social engagement


This new update gives you more flexibility and control of your hearing and hearing aids.  Adjust volume, change memories and other settings to benefit your hearing experience.  It's also a very easy app to navigate and understand with features like brain tracking, body activity tracking and helpful assistant services.  These being Thrive Assistant, Transcribe, Self Check and Assistant.


New Microphone Disc Accessory

Starkey's Table Microphone Disc is a new addition to their Starkey accessories is ideal for group settings like conferences and family gatherings and even busy restaurants. Just place the disc in the centre of the table and it will use its 8 microphones to focus on the main voice in the conversation and then stream it directly to your hearing aids.


Starkey Livio Edge Price

Wondering about the Starkey Livio Edge cost? Similar to the Starkey Livio AI, there is currently only one technical specification available - the Starkey Livio Edge AI 2400 - view this product below.


Starkey Livio Edge AI 2400 Hearing Aids  >>  View Product


Comparing the Starkey Livio Edge AI 2400 to Starkey Livio AI 2400

When comparing both these models, there are a few more features in Livio Edge AI that you don't get with Livio AI.  Here are the main ones below:


  1. Voice Activation: Gain access to voice activation with Siri on your smartphone and personal notifications directly to your hearing aids and on screen.
  2. Edge Mode: Receive automatic adjustments that reflect your surroundings with one tap of your finger on your hearing aid.
  3. Rechargeable ITE: The world's first 2.4 GHz wireless streaming rechargeable hearing aid.


Is the Starkey Livio Edge AI right for you? 

If you want to know more about the Edge hearing aid and how it can help you and your hearing loss - watch the video below or call our audiologists for advice and support on 0800 567 7621



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