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Signia Insio Charge&Go AX Hearing Aid Launch - Custom Made Augmented Hearing Aids

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 1st November 2021 in: Hearing Aid Launches, Latest News, Articles
Signia Insio Charge&Go AX Hearing Aid Launch

Signia Insio Charge&Go AX Hearing Aid Launch

 The first custom fit rechargeable hearing aid with Bluetooth and contactless charging capabilities


Update 1st November 2021:  The Signia Insio Charge&Go AX hearing aid has now launched - you can read all about the AX platform on our rant page here.

13th October 2021:  This is a pre-launch article and therefore our access to information is limited.  This hearing aid range will be available from the 1st November 2021.  Once the product is launched, we will update this article accordingly.


A brief look at the Insio AX hearing aid model

The new Insio includes the Augmented Xperience platform you first saw in Pure Charge&Go AX - so you benefit from advanced speech in noise and ITE options in the Signia AX range.  Signia believes that they have created a model that not only provides clarity in speech, but an immersive soundscape and hearing aid features that will answer your wants and needs. 

Consumer's will also enjoy taking advantage of the motion sensors, originally brought by the Xperience hearing aid range, adapting and optimising sound on the go.

Insio AX

This new ITE rechargeable hearing aid brings optimum hearing technology and discretion that is custom made and bespoke to you for extra comfort everyday.  Custom made means that the hearing aid itself is adapted to fit your unique ear shape or 'ear anatomy', so it is even more discreet.  

Choose between two models, which are the ITE that sits within your ear and the ITC - sitting even more discreetly in your ear canal.  Both are available in Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Mocha, Tan and Beige.


Look forward to:

  • Enhanced speech clarity.
  • Bespoke fit.
  • Connection to both iPhone and ASHA (direct streaming to Android).
  • Signia AI Assistant.
  • Full AX Feature set including Augmented Focus.
  • Built-in Li-Ion Cell for contactless rechargeability.
  • 3. e2e wireless 4.0.
  • Motion Sensors included.
  • Push Button for easy controls.

 Insio AX Charger

Insio AX hearing aids include a contactless recharging station

The Insio AX, at launch, is the first custom hearing aid device with lithium-ion charging that is contactless.  All you have to do is put the hearing aids in the charger and they will automatically connect. 

Charge them at night when you are sleeping and wake up good to go knowing that you have the reliability of around 20 hours of power in one charge (this will all depend on your streaming usage).


What are the benefits of the Augmented Xperience platform?

In brief, it will offer a new way of hearing.  Wearers will not have to strain to hear and navigate and separate speech from background noise.  The Augmented Focus processes both speech and background noise separately to enable a more crisp and clear comparison.  Then brings them together to bring advanced speech clarity.


Insio AX hearing aids connectivity and Signia app

Look forward to advanced Bluetooth technology for both iOS and Android devices.  Stream calls, music and TV directly through to your Insio AX hearing aids in an enhanced digital sound.  Connect to your Signia app to access AI features via the Signia Assistant whenever you want for adjustments and remote support.

For extra support when you need it the most - use Signia TeleCare to get in touch with your audiologist even on the go.


Insio AX Hearing Aid Launch

 Signia Insio Charge&Go AX Hearing Aid Launch

Tap into the Signia Assistant

With inspiration taken from how our brain's neural network reacts to challenges - Signia Assistant provides instant support when you need to adjust the settings of your device.  The AI within Signia Assistant is constantly learning and gathering data about your unique needs in your environment, so it can predetermine your needs and automatically adjust - giving you a seamless listening experience.


The Signia Assistant gives you:

  1. Bespoke settings for your own unique preference - ultimately giving you clear sound and great speech comprehension in all environments.
  2. Answers all questions you may have in regards to using your hearing aids.
  3. 24/7 hearing healthcare support remotely.
  4. Gives you confidence and more control of your hearing aids.



“We are SO excited to be launching more innovative new products to the landmark ‘Signia Augmented Xperience (AX)’ portfolio. Both the AX platform and our NEW rechargeable custom hearing aid (Insio Charge&Go AX), have been named as CES Innovation Award Honorees in the Accessibility and Wearables categories, respectively.

We are super proud of this and don’t take the recognition for granted! Developing iconic innovations is part of our brand fabric, and we strive for wearers to ‘Be Brilliant’ through correcting their hearing loss – so receiving awards such as this really means a lot and certainly shows we are putting our money where our mouth is as a Brand!

The Insio AX is the first custom device with contactless rechargeability and Bluetooth and has the ability to stream from Android and Apple iOS devices. It really is amazing tech, and we can’t wait for wearers to get them in their ears!”


 Emma Jones - Signia Brand Manager - UK & Ireland


Signia Insio Charge&Go Hearing Aid Performance Levels & Prices:

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Want to know more about the Insio Charge&Go AX hearing aids and how they can benefit your hearing loss?

If you are wondering whether this hearing aid is right for you or if you'd like to talk to someone about other healthcare enquires - call us free on 0800 567 7621 and we'd be happy to help. 

You can also find more information by watching the hearing aid video below and discovering the full Signia AX hearing aid range here



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