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Signia Active Pro Ready to Wear Hearing Aid Launch

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 20th January 2022 in: Hearing Aid Launches, Latest News, Articles
Signia Active Pro Ready to Wear Hearing Aid Launch

Signia Active & Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid Launch

|  The Signia Active and Signia Active Pro hearing aids launched 9th April 2021.  You can now view more information on our Active range page here

Signia Active Pro - Upgrading to the future

The most common problem audiologists have is how to convince someone who has hearing loss to wear hearing aids.  Those who want Bluetooth connectivity, advanced features, rechargeable convenience and a better hearing experience - but feel wearing hearing aids will compromise style, appearance and in some ways - judgment. 

The general consensus, from consumers, is that they think they will look unsightly and make them feel old.  Instead, they want a solution that slots into their active lifestyles - a complimentary modern solution.


Signia Active Pro - Challenging the stigma

Battling the stigma surrounding hearing loss and hearing aids is a hard nut to crack.  Just look at the statistics - 6.7 million people in the UK would benefit from hearing aids, however, only 2 million people wear them.

Switching anxiety and doubt into trust and confidence is always a challenge, but we feel the new Signia Active Pro solutions have the ability to challenge perception and attitude with great style, technology and a premium hearing solution.


Signia Active Pro Hearing Aids

Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid Launch

Personally tailored sound in a popular device

Signia believes that with Active's solutions they have created a ready-to-wear digital hearing aid that has ticked modern-day consumers' expectations.  Consumers who choose to wear hearing aids and want a product that will enhance their hearing in a style that is recognisable today.


Signia Active Pro - Enhanced hearing without the stigma

Signia Active solutions combine the premium earbud-style of today with Signia's advanced audiology technology.  This earbud incorporates the Xperience platform's YourSound technology for better speech understanding in noise, portable and convenient Li-ion rechargeability, reliable Bluetooth connectivity and the remote care services of Signia Assistant. 

It will also include breakthrough signal processing to optimise your soundscape in all environments.  So, you are benefiting from a popular-shaped earbud with the technology of premium hearing aids on today's market.


Signia Active Pro - What are the key features?


  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Brilliant sound
  • Recharge on-the-go
  • Instant fit
  • TeleCare & Signia Assistant Compatible
  • Remote control
  • Xperience technology and sound performance


Signia Active Pro - The technology will make the difference

The idea with Active's solutions is that it will introduce new customers who are ‘putting off’ wearing hearing aids to be inspired to reach out to a hearing professional. In short, it will offer everything that the premium earbuds do, but it'll be the technology that sets them apart.

If you're not aware of Signia's Xperience platform, it is the hearing aid range that introduced a 360-degree soundscape with Acoustic-Motion Sensor technology to the industry.  It offers wearers the freedom to hear what really matters to them every day, on the go, wherever they are with ease.


"We are SO excited to launch Signia Active and Signia Active Pro to the UK market. There has long been a gap in the industry for a hearing aid that doesn’t look like a hearing aid, in order to help break the negative stigmas and misconceptions that surround hearing solutions.

Now, with Signia Active solutions, we have a hearing aid that has 21st Century appeal in technology, rechargeability AND design. This is the future of hearing aids, and at Signia, we are proud to have made this bold, yet necessary move!"

Emma Jones, Signia Brand Manager - UK & Ireland


Signia Active Pro Hearing Aids

Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid Launch

A modern rechargeable

Charge & Connection

The small and modern charging pod gives flexibility to the wearers - they can put the earbuds in and out whenever they want with up to 26 hours of power in one charge.  There is also the added benefit of allowing wearers to stream audio and calls with advanced Bluetooth technology.


Signia Active Pro - Other features


  • Increased Speech Understanding - Voices are clear from any direction.
  • Automatic Situation Detection - Sound sensors adjust to acoustic situations.
  • AI Digital Assistant, within the Signia app - Providing unique hearing settings just for you and your hearing loss.


Signia Active Pro vs Signia Active 

The Signia Active hearing aid range is available in two models, which offer two performance levels - Signia Active Pro and Signia Active. In short, you will get the full hearing experience that caters for mild to moderate hearing loss with Active Pro and Active is a great start-up option for those who want a hearing edge, so to speak. You'll lose some high-spec features, but Active is a great solution for noisy situations and social gatherings.


Signia Active Pro - Technical Specification & Prices


Signia Active Pro Hearing Aids  >>  View Now

Signia Active Hearing Aids  >>  View Now


You can also view the Signia Active Pro video below or, alternatively, you can call us free on 0800 567 7621 to have a chat about the launch and any other queries you may have.



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