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Resound Enzo Q Hearing Aid Launch

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 20th January 2022 in: Hearing Aid Launches, Latest News, Articles
Resound Enzo Q Hearing Aid Launch

Resound Enzo Q Hearing Aid Launch

Enzo gets an upgrade with Enzo Q


Resound Enzo Q Hearing Aid Launch - An Introduction

Earlier this month Resound launched their Enzo Q power aid – claiming this model to be ‘So much more than just powerful’.    

This new hearing aid is designed for severe to profound hearing loss and has been created with advanced technology that will provide you with clear and comfortable sound, connectivity and support.  Here is a brief breakdown of what this new hearing aid has to offer its wearers.


The end of whistling

Like with other types of hearing loss, clarity of sound is paramount to everyday living and having the additional ability to tailor those sounds to suit your hearing loss needs is priceless.  Enzo Q offers you this and ensures that all variants of annoying whistling noises are a thing of the past – even when you have your aids in a high-volume setting.


Speech in noise

Enzo Q reports improving the way in which you recognise speech in noisy environments by up to 60%, relieving you from the stresses and strains that come with trying to hear better in noise.  What is clever here is that Enzo does precisely that without eliminating your connection with your surroundings.  So, you can still feel a part of group conversations and focus on the finer details in speech and sound.


Comfort in sound

You can experience a higher level of amplification with Enzo Q and finds the right balance for those amplified sounds that are rather unpleasant.  As it evaluates your environment it adjusts the volume needed automatically.  Background noises such as traffic are still audible but at a more controlled and comfortable level.

Resound’s technology makes loud sounds more subtle, especially sudden sounds.  These could be anything from keys dropping on a table or spontaneous applause – 89% of said sounds are made to be more controlled.

Streaming and connectivity

With Enzo Q you can stream directly from either an Apple or Android device seamlessly in comfort and with a high quality of sound.  Experience simple everyday actions like making phone calls, watching TV and listening to music like you would do wireless headphones.

Understand 50% more of the conversation in comparison to a regular phone call.  Use the telecoil feature to connect to loop sound systems for better amplification in public spaces.



Resound has developed their technology so that you can enjoy the practical and flexibility of automatic adjustments as your environment and soundscape adapts.  Personalise your hearing solution even more with the Resound Smart 3D App using your phone.

Benefit from control in real-time directly from your phone.  Select the features you require and personalise your soundscape so you can focus on speech and you can implement noise reduction on the move.


Here are some useful features:


  • Program carousel
  • Sound enhancer
  • Geotagging
  • Find my hearing aids
  • Compatible with cochlear implants
  • Tinnitus relief


Resound Enzo Q in brief:


  • Clear and comfortable sound
  • Greater connectivity and streaming
  • Personable features
  • Remote and real-time support

Resound Enzo Q Hearing Aids 

Resound Enzo Q Hearing Aid Range


Resound Enzo Q 9 Hearing Aids  |  View Product

Resound Enzo Q 7 Hearing Aids  |  View Product

Resound Enzo Q 5 Hearing Aids  |  View Product


What do we think of the Enzo Q?

Since launch, this hearing aid range has sparked a certain confidence in the hearing loss community, as Resound is both boasting and promising quite a reliable option with Enzo Q - as we know confidence starts with the reliable. We believe that it harnesses true hearing potential for the power aid users of today and have even more success than its predecessor, Enzo.

Enzo worked rather well in that it brought wearers good background and wind noise reduction features and an environmental optimiser program.  If this upgrade is designed to 'trump' this older model - then we think this hearing aid is going to be a consumer favourite.  Offering even more powerful performance but still remaining small in size - maintaining its discrete shape, unusual for a powerful BTE aid currently on the market.



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