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Introducing Phonak Virto Black Earbud-Style Hearing Aids

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 20th January 2022 in: Hearing Aid Launches, Latest News, Articles
Phonak Virto Black Hearing Aids Launch

Phonak Virto Black Hearing Aid Launch

Phonak Virto Black Hearing Aids - The hands-on hearing aid


Introduction the Virto Black hearing aid from Phonak

Phonak has added to their famous Marvel platform family with a stylishly reinvented ITE hearing - Virto Black, also known as the Phonak Virto marvel black hearing aid.  Changing what we perceive an ITE hearing device to look like and designed to challenge and suppress the stigmas of the past.  Offering those with hearing loss better connection and the first rechargeable custom-made hearing aid. 

The press seemed to be impressed with this launch and was quickly labelled as the "Best of CES 2020".  But, are the consumers impressed?  Here we talk about Virto's main features, benefits and more importantly - what it can provide the wearer.


Taking on the challenge with Phonak Virto Black earbud-style hearing aids

Phonak's Virto Black (also known as Virto Marvel Black benefits from a powerful combination of rechargeability, Marvel technology and advanced Bluetooth capabilities.  Easily stream hands-free calls and make the sound you hear as individual as you with the myPhonak app. 

Experience up to 10 x more clarity in challenging hearing situations with a natural and realistic soundscape - made possible with a Roger accessory.

Phonak Virto Black enables great connectivity to the world that is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones as well other audio devices.  Everyday hearing is enhanced with 16 hearing performance features that improve your listening experience and a microprocessor chip with 5 wireless protocols combining the following:


  1. Bluetooth Classic
  2. Bluetooth LE
  3. Binaural Voice Stream Technology
  4. Airstream Technology
  5. Roger


Phonak Virto Black Hearing Aids Provide Freedom

Phonak Virto Black hearing aids are designed to provide the wearer with increased flexibility, control and connectivity that the consumers of today expect.  Device wearers can pick up, end or reject calls with a touch of a button, whilst their phones are elsewhere. 

Virto Marvel Black's microphones enable completely hands-free calls, as their hearing aids act as wireless headsets - resulting in hands-on control for consumers and better communication.


Phonak Virto Black Hearing Aids Launch

Stylish Outside & Bespoke Inside


Phonak Virto Black Hearing Aids Include Advanced Design

Phonak Virto Black hearing aids are comfortably custom-made using 3D printing technology and professionally put together by hand.  The outside is stylishly designed in black and resembles the modern look of the hearables in the industry. 

On the inside you get personalisation with Biometric Calibration - analysing 1,600 unique data recordings from the wearer's ear impression and resulting in enhanced directional microphone positioning, securing the perfect fit.


Phonak Virto Black Hearting Aids - Comfort & Security

Although the Virto Marvel Black looks like a hearable, it is important to know that it doesn't act like one.  The two are very different.  Unlike the hearables available on the market today, Virto's unique custom-fit ensures a secure and comfortable fit all day long - even for those with active lifestyles. 

They won't fall out when you're exercising and you won't know you're wearing them.  Another comparison is Virto provides advanced communication for your hearing loss needs, instead of the limitations hearables commonly have.


So, what do we think of the Phonak Virto Black hearing aids?

We think Phonak's passion to make an impact and challenge the historical stigma behind hearing aids is commendable and the kind of thought process needed in order to make hearing aids desirable.  Even though hearing is one of the main senses and contributes to the quality of life you have - people who think they have hearing loss still wait around 7 years to seek any treatment or get a diagnosis.

It is clear that Phonak's intentions were to change this view of the world and for people to instigate earlier treatment when creating the Virto Marvel Black - as well as appealing to a variety of hearing loss levels. 

But does Virto suppress stigma?  We think that young consumers will be more likely to be attracted by the bold and stylish look of this model and will be the generation that will feel more comfortable and confident to wear this device. 

Popularity will be down to what the wearer deems as a priority.  Is it the look?  Connectivity?  But, ultimately this product might be limited to the level of your hearing loss and the shape of your ear canal.  Your compatibility will be distinguished when you have a hearing test and the advice given by your audiologist.

 Phonak Virto Black Hearing Aids

Phonak Virto Black Hearing Aids - Prices & Technology Levels

Wondering how much the Virto Black hearing aid from Phonak cost?  Click on the links below to view each product level and price.



Want to know more about Phonak Virto Black hearing aids?

If you are wondering whether the Phonak Virto Black is the right hearing aid for you or for any other queries, please contact us free on 0800 567 7621



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