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Affordable Hearing Aids - Do I really need the top hearing aids?

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 6th September 2021 in: Hearing Aid Advice, Latest News, Articles
Affordable Hearing Aids

Affordable Hearing Aids

Do I really need the top hearing aid?

Once you’ve embarked on finding the right hearing aids for you – it can suddenly start to feel like navigating a maze of industry options.  Brands, shapes, models, styles, price – it is quite a challenge especially when you are researching for the first time or a new wearer. 


Affordable Hearing Aids - An industry trade-off

Over the years digital hearing aids have got better – more innovative, more advanced.  In the past, there were limited choices, which made decisions easier, but in reality, the devices didn’t work very well.  Now there has been a trade-off.  Easier decision-making that offered poor results is replaced with more choice, but great technology that actually provides hearing solutions that work.  That ultimately brings its own complexities, as you try to make sense of the industry and what's on offer as a consumer.

However, even though researching the hearing solutions available on the market today can be intimidating, it really doesn't have to be.  You can now access great information online that can give you a better education on hearing loss and hearing aid solutions.  Your hearing care professional can support you, along with your family, helping you overcome the challenges and get your hearing back on track.


Affordable Hearing Aids - Balanced priorities

It does all start with finding the right local audiologist that will support you in your decision-making, test your hearing and provide the best aftercare for you and your hearing loss.  Aftercare that is just as unique as you.

Your audiologist will recommend hearing device options that take many factors into consideration.  These being level of hearing loss, lifestyle, connectivity needs, dexterity, personal hearing goals and so on.  But, let’s not forget budget.  Price is a huge factor in people deciding to get tested or not.  I am generalising here, but from experience, a lot of people feel like they will be sold more than they need.

I can’t speak for the rest of the industry, where perhaps targets and brand affiliation-based selections are often dominant – but I  feel that balance is key in hearing healthcare. You should leave your audiology appointment with the confidence that you have been advised on a hearing solution that doesn’t provide more or less than what you honestly need.  That being said, the device you choose should also reflect what you truly want out of your digital hearing aids. 


Best affordable hearing aids UK

Affordable Hearing Aids

Weighing up what’s important when buying a hearing aid

Hearing Amplification:  Amplification in digital hearing aids is not all the same level.  In short, the cheaper the hearing aid the less amplification you will receive.  You may not need the premium product in the industry, but what is important is the personalised amplification and, therefore, programmability.


Hearing Aid Types:  You might already know that hearing aids are available in various sizes and styles.  From Behind the Ear (BTE) right through to Invisible in the Canal (IIC) hearing aids.  In this case, you will benefit greatly from balancing price, appearance, functionality and how easy it is to use when choosing a type of hearing aid.


Directional Microphones:  You’ve probably made the decision to purchase a hearing aid because you predominantly want to hear and understand speech.  With this in mind, you might want to look at hearing aids incorporating directional microphones.   


This will help assist clearer listening in noisy environments like office spaces and restaurants.  Also allowing you to focus on the person sitting in front of you and hold and understand the conversation.


Background Noise:  Background noise reduction and feedback cancellation are pretty standard in today’s hearing aids, but make sure you get clarification on this when you consider a device.  This advanced technology quickly identifies background noise and lowers the volume, so it doesn't mask the sounds you want to focus on.


Bluetooth Connectivity:  We are becoming a world that is connected constantly - to friends, family and the world.  If streaming calls, music, premium sound, hearing aid control and connecting to those at-home devices is important to you - you might want to invest in hearing aids that are compatible with your smartphone and offer direct streaming capabilities. 


Affordable Hearing Aids - Long term hearing benefits

With your hearing needs at the forefront, the solutions that are recommended don’t have to be the top performance with the finest features available - but a device that will deliver you hearing benefits long term. 

What is exciting is that the industry recognises that price is a key player in consumers finding professional help or not and is dedicated to making hearing aids more accessible.  Take Signia’s Active ready-to-wear hearing aid solutions into account - giving you the flexibility to pop in and out your hearing aids as and when you need them.  Giving you the hearing ‘edge’ in those tricky hearing environments.

To view our review of the best hearing aids and best affordable hearing aids of 2021, visit our Top 5 Best Hearing Aids 2021 review here


Affordable hearing aids near me

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