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How can hearing aids benefit deaf people?

There comes a time when your hearing loss is irreversible. Whether a person’s hearing is damaged from old age or loud noise, there is only so much a hearing aid can do.

If someone has been recognised as deaf and they struggle to understand everyday conversations, how can a hearing aid benefit them?


Most hearing losses are permanent. Yes you are correct, if someone has no hearing whatsoever then a hearing aid cannot help- it would be like giving spectacles to a blind person. However there are still a vast range of solutions available for people with very poor hearing.

Please do not fret if there is no hearing left. There are many routes that you can go down like lip reading classes, sign language, and in some cases a hearing dog can be used.

If you are considering hearing aids, it is paramount that you initially get a hearing test and we can help you arrange this. If the audiologist finds that you have no hearing, they can then put you in touch with a local organisation that can help.

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