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Can my hearing be made worse with hearing aids?

Until now, I thought that hearing aids were designed to help you hear better but a friend recently told me that they can in fact damage your hearing if you don’t use them correctly.

Surely this can’t be true though; how can hearing aids make your hearing worse? There must be safety measures in place that stop users from harming themselves.



Your friend has been misguided I’m afraid- the only way hearing aids can impair your hearing is if the set level is too high, but very few nowadays are set to dangerous levels.

In fact, wearing a hearing aid properly can help your hearing as they provide stimulus to parts of the brain in control of decoding sounds. It has been proven that hearing aids keep the brain active and reduces the likelihood of dementia.

We advise you to never use anyone else’s hearing aid, or buy a second hand one, to ensure the hearing aid helps your hearing instead of hindering it.

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