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Frequently Asked Questions

Question – What’s included in the price?

Answer – The price includes VAT, all testing, fitting, finetuning and all aftercare for the life of the hearing aids which should be at least 5 years. This is not mail order and you are NOT “buying hearing aids over the internet”. We put you in touch with a reputable, local, independent dispenser who can provide these hearing instruments at these prices.

Question – I’ve been quoted a much higher price than you are charging, why is that?

Answer – Most hearing aid companies spend a lot of money on advertising. The larger national companies employ many people behind the scenes at their head offices. It’s not that the high street or national companies are trying to rip people off, they simply need to charge high prices to pay for their overheads.

Question – Hearing aids seem very expensive, why is that?

Answer – Buying hearing aids is not like buying a television. The price includes many years of aftercare by a qualified hearing professional. The purchase of hearing aids is the beginning of the rehabilitation process, not the end of it. This involves testing your hearing, retesting your hearing, re-programming of the hearing aids and maintenance.

Question – OK, I would like to buy a hearing aid, what should I do?

Answer – Please call our free phone number and we can put you in touch with a Local, Independent, Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser. If you prefer, you can email us.

Question – I just want to talk to someone about the possible options available?

Answer – Absolutely fine. We offer free impartial advice about hearing aids. We are not owned wholly or partially by any hearing aid manufacturer or retailler so feel free to call us on our free phone number. If you are having difficulties using a telephone then please email us.

Question – I’m not sure if I need a hearing aid or not, what should I do?

Answer – It is always best to get your hearing checked if you think you may have a problem. We can arrange for a free hearing test locally and without any obligation.

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