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August 19, 2011

Hearing Aid Users’ Lives To Improve Following Cambridge University Research

Some research taking place at The University of Cambridge is said to be vital to improve the lives of hearing aid users. Dr Julian Huppert, a Cambridge MP, has openly expressed his support to a pioneering


August 17, 2011

Hearing Aid Recycling Scheme

Today’s society is very focused upon being sustainable and environmentally conscience; so when you recycle your food and plastic bottles also think about salvaging your old hearing aid. Recycling


August 15, 2011

Action On Hearing Loss Hearing Check Campaign

The former Conservative politician and Strictly Come Dancing star Ann Widdecombe has revealed why she is backing the charity Action On Hearing Loss-formerly called RNID- online hearing check campaign. The


August 12, 2011

Legal Services For Hearing Impaired: Warnings Issued

With nearly 10 million people in the UK who have some sort of hearing problem, it is important to understand the devastating effects what legal aid cuts would have for those legal resources for the hearing


August 11, 2011

Independent Impartial Advice

Getting the right advice about hearing aids can be more difficult than you might think. If you call a hearing aid manufacturer they can only tell you about their particular hearing aids and will most likely


August 10, 2011

Study Shows That 75% Of Hearing Impaired Are Embarrassed About Hearing Loss

Less than half of all hearing impaired are open about their hearing loss and 75% are embarrassed, according to a latest study. The online survey, by Hear-it, reveals that two out of three hearing impaired


August 08, 2011

Profoundly Hearing Impaired Baby Youngest In England To Be Given Hearing Aids

A toddler has had its little world opened up after being fitted with some hearing aids. Leo Barton, of Manchester, has become one of the youngest in the country to be given baby hearing aids after being


August 05, 2011

Deaf-Blind Grandfather Has Become The World 1st To Scale UK’s Highest Mountain

Overcoming a disability as well as age can be extremely strenuous and difficult but that hasn’t stopped one pioneering pensioner, who has become the first deaf and blind man to scale the UK’s highest


August 03, 2011

Action On Hearing Loss Charity Breaks World Record For Playing Air Guitar

Action on Hearing Loss has broken the world record for the largest number of people playing air guitar at the same time. The hearing charity, formerly called RNID, successfully broke the record at the


August 01, 2011

Widex CLEAR Hearing Aid Family Now Available For Children

Widex are the only privately owned Danish manufacturer and in mid 2010 they set up their UK base near to Chester, Cheshire in England. Their hearing aids are built to a very high standard and now the



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