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May 27, 2011

May’s Better Hearing And Speech Month: Save Money With Hearing Aid UK

It is almost the end of May which means it is the finale of Better Hearing and Speech Month in the UK. It has been four weeks of people raising awareness about communication disorders and promoting


May 25, 2011

Doctors Warn That Viagra Might Cause Deafness

Some doctors have warned men that by taking Viagra it may cause deafness. Viagra, the little blue pills that are taken by thousands of males in the UK, has been linked to hundreds of cases of sudden


May 20, 2011

Dutch Teenagers Put Hearing At Risk When Listening To Music

Over half of all teenagers in the Netherlands are exceeding the safety standards for occupational noise exposure in their listening habits. Almost 50% of Dutch adolescents are surpassing the noise level


May 18, 2011

Hard Of Hearing: Employment

Getting a job in these tough economic times is hard as it is with cutbacks, redundancies and budget slashes across all industries…so what about if you have a hearing impairment too? Experts warn that


May 16, 2011

Tinnitus Summer Guide

This British summer is expected to be full of glorious sunshine, hot temperatures and lots of gigs and concerts up and down the country. Enjoy the weather and the sizzling summertime with family and


May 13, 2011

First Invisible Hearing Aid Launched In The UK

The very first ‘invisible’ hearing aid has been lunched in the UK. The hearing device, which has been designed to make its users forget they are actually wearing it, can be worn 24 hours a day for


May 10, 2011

Study Shows Age-Related Hearing Loss Can Be Delayed By Calorie Restriction

A study in America has revealed that restricting the intake of calories may delay age-related hearing loss. The findings, by scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the US, was carried


May 09, 2011

Pensioner Mugged Of His Hearing Aid In Broad Daylight

A pensioner has been left battered and bruised after being mugged in daylight. Derrick Jones, an 80 year-old grandfather, was left in this shocking state after having his hearing aid and bus pass taken


May 06, 2011

Hearing Aids: How Can They Improve Your Quality Of Life

For people who are hearing impaired, a hearing aid can be a life saver. It can improve a person’s quality of life tremendously from the basics of being able to hear sounds and noises, to being able to


May 04, 2011

RNID Hearing Loss Lipreading Competition

The Royal National Institute for Deaf People is running a week-long lip reading competition in aid of Deaf Awareness Week. The charity has launched the contest as a series of videos starring One Foot



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